Safety is everyone's responsibility


SAFE INDIA - An Idea for change in society and Concept for the people who are leading a life without taking any responsibilities towards the society they are living, Safe India would like to create awareness on some parameters of the society which are neglected by the people and Govt for various reasons, we as a team would like to get associated with Many NGO’S to support them in their activities, This is not a Political or Law and Order Forum. Everyone can Be a part of the Discussions and Give their Valuable suggestions to make this cause a Valuable one to People of India, We strongly believe that we are the Change, if we Change our-self we can change the world, lets join hands in making India a Safe country for everyone, let this Country Remain the Best country. It’s an initiative to Bring the change in the society we Live-in , We want to make sure all Responsible citizens of India or people who are Living in India who are from other different states of India , need to come together and join hands with Safe India to Make India a safe, Secure and Clean country to live-in We From Safe India would like to take some ownership in bringing this country to its Old charm, we would like to work with many Volunteers who are keen to do something back to society Irrespective of any caste or Creed or any state, India has given you so much From a good job to good lifestyle, Now it’s your turn to do something back to the Society. Let’s pledge to make

India the No.1 country in World...

Dr. Joyappa Achaiah


Founder and Initiator (SAFE INDIA)

He has done his MBA in International sales and Marketing and a passionate social entrepreneur, By profession he had been in Different sectors like Real estate, Events management and Social works, His passion for work towards society inspired him to Initiate SAFE INDIA – An idea for change in society, Which is an social awareness campaign.. He has an overall work experience of closely 14 years, He believes with Determination and Hard work anything can be achieved in live and any stone can be turned to sculpture.. He Believes self-inspiration is the best Inspiration rather getting inspired by reading

books and seeing others…


We would like to volunteer and take initiative in many parameters of the society For Example Fundraising and Campaigning some events like:

Green Environment

Women Empowerment

Sex Education

Child Abuse Awareness

Clean City

Right to Education for All

Fundraising for Cancer and

Heart foundation

Old Age Homes Support

Orphanages Support

Poor Kids Education

Civic Issues


Fundraising Marathons

Traffic Control Support

Public Support Forum

Waste Management

HIV & AIDS Awareness Campaign

Anti-Fraud Movement

Planting trees for Greener India

Solar Powered Street Light

Support to Stop Power Wastage

Save Water and Electricity Concepts

Public Transport Awareness

Collection of old and unused clothes and distribute for needless.







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